December 14, 2007

Okay, so I'm in the Virgin Lounge at Heathrow on our way to India and we all have colds and on antibiotics and have more luggage than a family of six. Have to say there are worse places in the world to be biding time.

There was snow today in London. Light, white, and wispy. Not ready for India. It's going to slap me in the face and hard I think. All the doing.

Fact: it took 17 hours to get my hair from Boogie red to XF red. 17 hours on my butt. Impossible to imagine for most people who know me. But true. Anyway, enough doing. Time for sun and books and mindlessness.

But for now my mind is full of all of you and wishing all you supporters of me out there a very very merry and a happy happy happy new. And I guess I'll be seeing a couple of y'all up in the snow!

Till soon,