February 5, 2011

February 5, 2011

Okay, so I知 in Los Angeles and the sun is shining which is a far cry from London weather and I have to say I知 a little gun shy about writing here for you guys because as you know it is no longer just between me and you. Every time I write something it ends up in an article as if I知 purposefully writing public commentary and just pisses me off. Eventually I値l get over it and settle into the new Wikileak world but right now I知 having growing pains.

What can I say? I miss my boys. I just skyped with them and Oscar was making jam filled muffins and Felix was throwing a car against the wall and the internet is so bad where I知 staying that it kept cutting out and they got progressively frustrated and all I could see were blurs of screeching color flash across the screen and then freeze into pixels and die. Call again, 溺ummy! Pixels, die. Call again, 鏑ook! Pixels, die. Etc Etc. For an hour. I知 exhausted and it痴 9am.

Any Human Heart is airing here in the states on Sunday the 13th of Feb - I think I知 supposed to tell you guys those things. Don稚 think there痴 much publicity around it cause they spent it all on Downton Abbey. Now there痴 something for people online - 敵illian Anderson was complaining recently on her blog.... But so tell a friend. That it痴 on. And there痴 a lot of sex in it. Not involving me. But the cast is fantastic and the world is going to fall in love with Hayley Atwell.

What else? Oh the Fiasco magazines. I guess one or two of you have bought them online and received torn up copies. Please don稚 send nasty emails to the editor. They池e a small company and doing their best to get the stuff out there for little to no profit. I知 going to try to get some of them on the LA newsstands any day now and they should be a bit cheaper if you guys in LA start hounding your local street vendors near the Beverly Hills West Hollywood Brentwood areas. Demand and supply.

And the signed photos from the shoot will be up for auction soonish to raise funds for the AJS teachers' block. Very excited for them. By the way thank you again to Sandi Hicks and all you Australian supporters who have raised the bulk of AJS痴 expenses on this build. You guys are so generous with your time and effort and such proactive fundraisers!

I知 addicted to hemp seeds.

I think that痴 it for now, or I should say for the next six months. No! That痴 terrible. I don稚 mean to really it痴 just, LIFE!