May 20, 2013

Here we go again.

Sorry, I just have to set something straight.

I have never in my life said "I turned down a role in Downton Abbey and Game Of Thrones."

Whilst doing press for Great Expectations, I was asked if I ever watched Downton and I said that, ashamedly, I did not watch anything. They were shocked as if to say "But you live in London!" and, by way of apology almost, I said sorry but all I know of it is what I read in what must have been the first script.

She asked if I had been offered a role and I said yes. And then she named a particular character and I said I did not know and she said, an American, and I said possibly… and she said, Elizabeth McGovern’s character and inside I said Oh No! I know Elizabeth and did not wish in any way for it to be a comment about anything least of all a judgment.

At the time it was not for me and that was that.

Upon reading the subject in the article of which much was made, as I had feared, I sent both Elizabeth and Mr Fellows a heartfelt apology. I had met the latter on a couple of occasions, including once more recently, when he shook his finger at me and quite rightly implied - "see what you missed."

Same thing with Game of Thrones. A journalist asked me outright - perhaps had heard, no idea, and I had answered in the affirmative. Should I have lied?

And here again, a round table discussion for The Fall at which somebody brought it up again and I said that I did not think it was fair to talk about… and they persisted, and I tried to contribute levity to a situation that never ends well.

If I had said I would not discuss it, in the article it would still headline with the forged quote, and proceed to imply that I became snippy, as they like to say in the UK, or maybe that I tossed my glossy mane in contempt or what the fuck ever - the point being, there was no way out except to attempt to imply "silly me, yes my daughter thinks I'm nuts" because, as with every other teenager the world over, she is obsessed with Games Of Thrones.

They asked why I had said "no" and I said, in an effort to end it once and for all, that it was due to scheduling - all of this was back when the thought of anything serial was giving me heart palpitations. And then to add more lightness to what was now becoming uncomfortable, as I realized I was indeed talking about the thing I said I didn't want to discuss, I made a joke about 'well obviously, if Scorsese offered me a part - fuck the schedule, I'd move in with him' kind of thing.

I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS ANYMORE!!!!! A whole lot of fabulous actors are working their asses off on great shows and do not need to hear about who said no to the f-ing parts.

If you are a journalist and ask me about this subject matter, I will stare at you with a smile on my face until you change the subject and, after the interview, my publicist will call you and kindly mention that if you mention that I stared at you while you attempted to stir shit, I will never do an interview for your magazine or newspaper again. You may not give a shit but I do.