May 8, 2003

What am I up to? Hmm. I am in Vancouver. I am working sporadically on S.O.L. I am being a Mom. I am doing a cleanse. I am doing yoga.

What happened to the Ben Ross film? It got pushed and pushed and maybe it will go in the Fall. Maybe not. These things happen in this crazy business.

Something else I am looking at that I will not talk of yet just in case the same thing happens.

It looks unlikely that I/we will be doing WTNIF in New York. Have not spoken about it in that respect for a while.

Music? hmmm. Nothing really except "The Hours" soundtrack. Always been a fan of Philip Glass.

Movies? Haven't seen many lately.

Books? Picked up "Seat Of The Soul" again and am enjoying it even more.

I should also mention that I am selling my old '77 Landcruiser that I had restored on a celebrity auction in May. Don't really drive it much anymore. Beautiful red red with a cream top. Expensive though. The car will be auctioned at the Peterson Auto Museum on June 22nd in L.A. but people don't have to be present to bid.

Otherwise there is the yearly NF auction which should have some good stuff in it. This may be the last one so...

And that's really about it. Just doing my thing. Travel travel. Stuff stuff.

Hope everyone is well.

Sorry this one's so boring.