November 17, 2009

Dear everybody -

I am sitting in the BA Lounge at LAX after a very productive and very short trip to LA. Got to see friends and take meetings and most of all raise a little something for charity - thank you everybody who showed up for that by the way - thank you for showing up and for donating and for buying and for everything related to anything that raises support and most importantly funds for the charities that I support.

I don't know how many of you know this but ANSA is just starting an auction and there are a few well signed XF items up for grabs but also they are in basic need of financial support right now to meet their fiscal responsibilities and so anything you can give would be awesome and go to such a good cause.

So I miss my boys. Five nights is about the limit of what I can do without them and I just can't stand it. On the phone Oscar says ‘Hello My Mommy’ and I just want to eat him up. Eyelashes, toenails, the whole lot. And then there's Felix, blond hair, blue eyes, a bulldozer with a wicked sense of humor even at one. Enough!

Anyhoo so here is LAX and on my way to the welcome drizzle of London before the welcome sunshine of somewhere else and time just flies and flies and I wish I could tell you what I'm doing next but I can't and Oh there was Moby Dick which was so much fun and such a great group of people not least of which was the director Michael Barker who is an angel of a man and Ethan (Hawke) and Charlie (Cox) and then William (Hurt) and oh my Donald Sutherland who I would give my left anything to properly work with again. It was blessed. Well, and cursed but I won't go into that.

And and what else can I say without saying anything at all...

Oh everybody has to see the movie Fish Tank when it comes out.

I wish I could say more but you know this isn't a blog.

That's all for this...year?