November 2002

Terribly sorry I was unable to write in the appropriate month but things have been kind of hectic. This may be short.

I have been asked about favorites a lot this month and so I will respond to that. Also about current books etc. etc. Not reading. Wish to but no time.

Sigur Ros just came out with a new album which is fantastic. Saw Damien Rice in concert and still think he is a genius.

Favorite Anish Andy Goldsworthy...Brice Marden...Bill Viola...many many more.

Starting tech rehearsals today in the theater for the first time but I have just been diagnosed with laryngitis and am feeling quite dreadful.

Loving it here. Loving loving loving. Play going very well. Life going very well. Love going very well. All things good.

Sorry for this dreadfully boring report.