October 15, 2003

Oh my God, everyone, I cannot believe I have neglected for so long to write and thank everyone who participated in the auction. I have been in a whirlwind of a move in London (my house is for sale by the way, if anyone is interested, but no one is allowed to just go see it for the sake of seeing it -- and there will be big consequences for anyone that does -- but it's very expensive) and I am in San Francisco to see my best friend but landed here with sinusitis I caught on the plane and so have been flat on my back practically since I arrived. God, I love this city. God, I hate this cold.

Anyhoo, thank you everyone so much for working so hard every year to make the auction as good as it can be and that includes everyone who contributes simply by coughing (that's what I'm doing) up the money to buy something, but also just the pure enthusiasm that so many of you seem to have as you find ways to continually raise money for NF and Buskaid. It's just impressive and I, and many others, are extremely, perpetually grateful.

Now I, must go back to bed.