September 10, 2013

On the 20th Anniversary of The X-Files

I don't know whether it's harder for me to believe that it has been two decades since we began or that it's still going strong after two decades with fresh viewers every day around the world.

What I find most moving, aside from the persistent diehards and the protestations of "your show saved my life" or " my marriage" are the parents who watched it live, back in the day, introducing their kids to it as if it were a rite of passage or a secret kept behind closed doors until the right moment, and the enjoyment 30 and 40 somethings are having in the re-visiting. Like mum introducing her oldest friend who happens to be a time traveller and is giddy with excitement for their adventures ahead. Sorry I digress.

The truth is, I am so grateful to have been a part of this groundbreaking trajectory and delighted that it still stands up against the high quality programming of today. Thank you to every last fan from all corners of the earth whether you were there with us in 1993 or are viewing for the first time in 2013. Thank you, Chris, for having the nerve and conviction to cast me. Thank you to every last crew member and writer for working relentlessly hard to make the show look and sound so good, every cast member for surviving the hours and delivering great performances and last, but not least, thank you, David, for wearing those Speedos.

a.k.a Dana Scully