September 1, 2005

This message from Gillian was written on August 29. We had planned to use it in conjuction with the unveiling of a new section dedicated to the Alinyiikira Junior School in Uganda. Out of respect for the urgency of the hurricane need, we are postponing this for the time being.

I just got back from visiting friends in Copenhagen and there are drunken carnival people up and down my street and every street in every direction and helicopters in the air and a hurricane in New Orleans and Twister on television and foie gras in my stomach and I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who donated to the Zimbabwe Fund. It was such a sweet surprise and Jules was really touched and I know he wants to thank you himself so I will let him but it was really great of you guys to take that initiative and I know it will go to a good cause.

If some of you are also interested in donating to the school I spoke about recently do let us know via the website cause the money will go straight to them and I have a huge list of what they need that ranges from cents to dollars to hundreds of dollars so if anyone is not donated out and would like to contribute in that way, come on down! That was really cheesy. I'll stop now. Okay. Bye till soon,